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Civil / Commercial Mediation

Your partner wants to quit, but you can't agree on the terms and conditions?

You want to settle a conflict related to a money loan?

Here are some exemples of where our mediation professionals will be able to help you:

  • Exécution and interpretation of contracts (sales, services, commercial accounts, etc...);
  • Conflict on a board of directors in all legal structures (corporation, non-profit organisations, etc...);
  • Conflict between business managers from all levels;
  • Conflitc between shareholders (negociation of a shareholders' agreement, enforcement of a shot gun clause);
  • Conflict between a merchant and a consumer;
  • Conflict related to inheritance or its execution;
  • Confflict related to insurance claims;
  • Conflict between tenants and landlords (commercial lease, apartment lease).

Mediation is an alternative method of dealing with conflicts. It is a process based on voluntary participation that puts the solution in the hands of the different parties. The mediator helps them to communicate and to exchange about their needs, their preoccupations and the stakes of their negotiations.

Mediation allows the settlement of conflicts faster than with the use of the tribunals (because of the judicial delays). It is also cheaper.

You would like to settle a financial claim of less than 35 000$ ? We are able to help you with the Flat rate mediation services  ( Médiation à forfait ) of the Quebec Bar.

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